Mixnots | mɪksnɒts |

1 eclectic DJ collective spawned in the Liverpool underground in the mid-naughties: I know they run ‘the Mash Parties’ but who do these Mixnots think they are? | The thing about Mixnots is that they are beyond criticism. 

Mixnot | mɪksnɒt |

1 [usually in singular] one individual member of the irreverent brethren known collectively as Mixnots.
2 an exclamation of intent uttered solely for onomatopoeic pleasure.

1 method of musical performance prioritising tune selection over all: the one-finger-rave-technique of the Mixnot. 
2 a way of being, akin to haphazard zen abundance: Mixnot and prosper!

Mixnotic | mɪksnɒtɪk |

1 a form of aural delight: the mixnotic offerings from Mixnots are hanging out on cloud nine.